Jesús Posadas renewed as president of the Andalusian Marble Businessmen’s Association for the next four years.

The decision was ratified during the Extraordinary General Assembly, with 128 votes in favor of his continuity and none against.

Its program, which has been submitted to a vote, focuses on the continuity of the objectives that have been advanced during its previous legislature, and on the implementation of new goals based on sustainability.

Macael, September 14, 2023

The Andalusian Marble Entrepreneurs Association (AEMA) has made official the renewal of Jesús Posadas Chinchilla as president of the organization for the next four years. The executive has been elected by 128 votes in favor and none against, in the Extraordinary General Assembly, held on September 14 at the headquarters of AEMA, in Macael, highlighting the confidence in the leadership and vision of Posadas to promote the development and competitiveness of the marble sector in the Andalusian region.

Jesús Posadas, with an outstanding career in the marble industry, has successfully served as president of AEMA for the past four years. During his tenure, he has worked tirelessly to strengthen the sector’s position as a leader in the marble industry nationally and internationally. Their efforts have resulted in the promotion of key initiatives for

the sector, both in mining and industry, as well as in commercialization, internationalization and marketing. His new program, which was put to a vote during the convocation, focuses on the continuity of objectives on which progress has been made during his previous term, as well as new goals. The following key points stand out:

Jesus Posadas junto al presidente de Asempal y Camara de Comercio 1 - Jesús Posadas renewed as president of the Andalusian Marble Businessmen's Association for the next four years.

1. Mining Waste Restoration Agreement: During his previous term of office, an agreement was signed between the Consejería de Política Industrial y Energía de la Junta de Andalucía, the City Council of Macael and AEMA to establish a technical office to collaborate in the development and application of the mining waste restoration and management plan. This project will continue to be a priority.

2. Criteria for Restoration Guarantees: The Consejería de Política Industrial y Energía de Andalucía is working on the drafting of an Order that will establish the criteria for the determination and constitution of restoration guarantees for mining operations. This order will be subject to public consultation in the near future, and AEMA will closely follow its development.

3. Corporate Social Responsibility: Jesús Posadas aims to create a new Corporate Social Responsibility Committee that will work on aspects related to sustainability and innovative pilot projects on restoration in the Sierra de Macael, in line with the Circular Economy Law of Andalusia (LECA).

4. Commercialization and Internationalization: At the international level, it will focus on the formulation of new formats for the creation of channels to support the internationalization of companies through TRADE. In addition, the Protected Geographical Identity for Macael Marble, recently included in the list of products identified by the Council and the European Parliament, will be monitored.

5. Industry and Training: AEMA will continue to support the execution of the Plan Crece Industria para la Piedra Natural, especially in the aspect of aid for reindustrialization and credits for internationalization, approved in June 2022, and will promote alternating and continuous training for workers.

Jesús Posadas has expressed his gratitude for the trust placed in him and affirms: “It is an honor to continue to lead this Association and represent an industry that is so vital to our region. In these times of challenges and opportunities, we will work tirelessly to strengthen the competitiveness and innovation of our companies and promote sustainability, to carry out more actions aimed at

the internationalization, highlight the Corporate Social Responsibility carried out by both our business entity and our companies, and continue promoting economic development in our community”. With his renewal as president, AEMA consolidates its commitment to excellence and innovation in the marble sector.

About the Association of Marble Entrepreneurs of Andalusia (AEMA)

The Andalusian Association of Marble Entrepreneurs (AEMA) is an entity that brings together companies engaged in the extraction, processing and marketing of marble and natural stone in the region of Andalusia. Founded with the aim of promoting and protecting the interests of the sector, AEMA works tirelessly to promote competitiveness, sustainability and innovation in the marble industry in Andalusia.