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The Macael Awards were created in 1985 with the aim of recognizing professionals who have excelled especially in the fields of architecture, crafts and design at national and international level, and individuals, institutions and media that have performed singular activities for the benefit of the Marble Sector and the Region. Throughout these 32 years, the Macael Awards have been consolidated as the most important event of the Natural Stone Sector nationwide, emphasizing as an act of high prestige and seriousness. Edition by editon they are consolidating in the international market, given the wide number of international categories and projects carried out anywhere in the world.

Many important personalities like Spanish Ministers (Luis De Guindos – 2016, Rodrigo Rato – 2002, Cristobal Montoro – 2000, Manuel Pimentel – 1999), Presidents of the Government in Andalusia, (Susana Diaz Pacheco -2015, who came for the second consecutive year, Manuel Chaves -1999) and Presidents of Spain (Mariano Rajoy -2015, José María Aznar – 2003), have honored us by attending and collecting personally their awards. In addition, national and international architects like Sainz de Oiza, Rafael de la Hoz, Cesar Portela, Alberto Campo Baeza, Ethan Anthony, Joaquin Torres, Daniel Libeskin, among others, have been also present.

Furthermore relevant international institutions like MIA (Marble Institute of America) or ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) have been awarded in 2014 and 2015 editions, respectively. The Macael Awards have had also awardees like the Spanish communicator Carlos Herrera, the motorcycle rider Jorge Lorenzo, the cook Karlos Arguiñano, the producer Babieka Films and the singer David Bisbal, among others, and they have been presented by the Queen of Spain, Ms. Letizia Ortiz.

Institution Award


 The Jury grants the Institution Award to the PROVINCIAL DEPUTY OF ALMERÍA AND THE MINISTRY OF CULTURE OF THE GOVERNMENT OF SPAIN, jointly, to have been able to interpret the necessary and indispensable cooperation of both administrations in the rehabilitation of what is now called ALMERIA PROVINCIAL HOSPITAL. This building of the XVI Century, jewel of the historical and cultural heritage of the province of Almeria, will become a first level cultural center, built with Macael marbles that will contribute, as in so many other monumental buildings, to give nobility and prestige to the final result that this architectural group will have.

Intern. Award for Latin America/Caribbean


The Jury grants the International Award for Latin America to the CAP FERRAT BUILDING, in Rio de Janeiro, located on the exclusive Vieira Souto Avenue of IPANEMA, with 15,000 square meters built on its 20 floors, whose facade has been remodeled by the Studio Di Filippo Arquitectura, which has opted for the Dekton product in its Danae cream tone, for its lightness of weight and its optimal behavior against marine erosion, as well as for its similarity to the tone of the beach sand. 3,800 square meters of different formats have been used, with pieces of 3.20 x 1.44 square meters and a thickness of 12 millimeters, with a novel anchoring system.


Communication Award


The Jury grants the Communication Award, to CINDY ALLEN, editor in chief of the prestigious American design magazine INTERIOR DESIGN, a world reference in the world of design, which shows constant support to both, established and emerging designers, continuously promoting the marbles and compact surfaces on their pages.



International Award for North America


The Jury grants the International Award for North America to THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF THE REMODELING INDUSTRY, with Headquarters in Illinois, created in 1935, with fifty-two divisions throughout the country and with members in forty-nine states. NARI is an organization of remodeling professionals for high-quality residentials and landmark buildings in the United States, whose members are committed to integrity, high standards, professional education and ethics. It is also a platform for promotion and a powerful source of industrial intelligence, connecting professionals with consumers, using marble and compact surfaces regularly in their activity.


International Award for Asia


The Jury grants the International Award for Asia to the W HOTEL & ALEF RESIDENCES Building, located at THE PALM JUMEIRAH, in DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, with the AL SHARQ INVESTMENT Promoter and the ARCADIS & RMJM Studio Architect. The set consists of a Hotel and 104 luxury residences. In its construction, have been used 20,000 square meters of Dekton Danae of format 104 x 79 x 0.80 centimeters, 3,000 square meters of kitchen countertops of the color Kelya, 4,000 square meters of vanity tops and shower walls of the color Dinux and 1,000 square meters of bathtub coverings in the Calypso color. The result is a sublime architectural ensemble that gives great prominence to the Macael materials used.

International Award for Africa


 The Jury grants the International Award for Africa, to the PRIVATE VILLA, located in ANGOLA, designed by the Interior Designer Mr. JAVIER MARTÍN, having used, for its construction, 1,500 square meters of different marbles such as Blanco Nébula, Negro Ébano and Travertino Real in floors, coatings and bathrooms. The final result is that of a luxury home where marbles have been successfully combined.

International Award for Europe


The Jury grants the International Awards for Europe to the GRÄVLINGEN BUILDING, located in the City of Stockholm, SWEDEN, whose Promoter is the AMF Company, and the Architects the Equator Studio, Jana Becker and Judit Erkkonen Bergdahl. The facade has been made with 2,000 linear meters of slats and 500 square meters of 12 millimeters thick panels of Dekton Keranium material, mixed with led lights. The building presents a different aesthetic during the day and night. The lights become protagonists at night and, surprisingly, during the day the tonality of the façade changes due to the natural light and the shadows that are achieved through the slats. The result is an innovative vertical facade profiled with a strong personality and avant-garde style.


National Award


The Jury grants the National Award to Mr. JOSÉ ANTONIO NAVARRO ARTEAGA, recognized Sculptor, national and international, awarded by the FUNERAL MONUMENT TO MRS. CAYETANA DE ALBA, placed in the Sanctuary of Our Father Jesus of Health and Our Lady of Sorrows Crowned, Seville. The monument, oval in shape, consists of several decorative elements. The right side collects the mystical and religious part of Mrs. Cayetana and the left side, encompasses her passions. The shield of the House of Alba is visualized in the upper central part, that of the Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus of Health, in the lower one, and a flowers garland, symbol of the eternal spring of Seville and the Duchess youthful character, surrounds the central oval with the funerary inscription. Over the garland, six angels appear, the three children she had, his great passion, which carry symbols describing her personality and idiosyncrasy.


Design Award


 The Jury grants the Design Award to the DESIGN CENTER building, located in MARBELLA, on the so-called Golden Mile, designed by the Architect Ms. Graciela Leanza. The building itself is a center that provides design services, having used, in its construction, different marbles such as Negro Marquina, Travertino Real and Blanco Nébula for flooring, cladding, floating steps and bathrooms. It has achieved a building of great beauty, modern and elegant with true success when combining the stones, taking from them the best of their characteristics and colors.


'Blanco Macael' Award


 The Jury grants the Award to the Work in ‘Blanco Macael’ marble to the SET OF ARCHITECTURAL ELEMENTS OF LANDSCAPE IN PRIVATE MANSION built in Asia, which houses a main fountain and is surrounded by decorative elements of BLANCO MACAEL. The work of landscaping is a geometric set where everything starts with a ‘Blanco Macael’ marble fountain, with honed finish, 10 meters in diameter and 2.70 high, as the main element. The fountain is composed of three carved waterfalls, with three unique designs, a pond, formed by 220 units of different thicknesses of curved pieces, carved and molded in its entire perimeter, accompanied by eight sculpted and carved jets shaped like a shell. The geometrical layout of the project is adorned by 20 planters with carved scrolls of 90 centimeters in diameters designed specifically for this work.

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