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The Macael Awards were created in 1985 to recognize a professional people in different areas like craft, design, architecture n a national or international way and also, to recognize people, mass media and Institution or Administrations that during the year they have been working in benefits of the natural stone sector.Over these 29 years Macael Awards have become the most important event of the natural stone sector even as an event of great prestige and seriousness and gradually they are consolidating in the international market, given the large number of international categories and projects made anywhere in the world.There have been many important personalities present at the event, as Spanish Ministers (Rodrigo Rato – 2002, Cristobal Montoro – 2000, Manuel Pimentel – 1999), or the President of the Government in Andalucía Manuel Chaves -1999 and the fourth Prime Minister of Spain, José María Aznar – 2003 have honored us by attending personally collect their awards. The latest edition (2015) have participated the Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy Brey and the president of the Andalucía Government, Susana Diaz Pacheco, who was for the second year in these awards.As well national and international architects as Sainz de Oiza, Rafael de la Hoz, Cesar Portela, Alberto Campo Baeza, Ethan Anthony, Joaquin Torres, Daniel Libeskind… have been present in different editions of this event. Or even important institutions internationally as MIA (Marble Institute of America) or ASID (American Society of Interior Designers), both Americans, were awarded in 2014 and 2015 editions.These awards have had also winners as the communicator Carlos Herrera, the motorcycle rider Jorge Lorenzo, the cook Karlos Arguiñano, the producer Babieka Films, the singer David Bisbal … and they have been presented once by the Queen of Spain, Ms. Letizia Ortiz.

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Institution Award

‘FORO DE MARCAS RENOMBRADAS ESPAÑOLAS’ (SPANISH BRANDS FORUM) The jury awarded the Institution Award to ‘Foro de Marcas Renombradas Españolas’ (Spanish Brnds Forum), with headquarters in Madrid, founded in 1999, for having been formed as a fundamental institution in generating synergies between internationalized brands, national strategic sectors and the ‘Marca España’ (Spain Branch), coordinating corporate and institutional environment for the implementation of more Spanish brands in the world and helping to make the company stronger and more competitive.

Communication Award

HEARTS DESIGN GROUPThe jury awarded the Communication Award to HEARTS DESIGN GROUP, represented by their director NEWELL TURNER.  The group has its headquarters in New York, United States, and it integrates the prestigious magazines Elle Decor, House beautiful, Metropolitan Home and Veranda, which inspire millions of readers to style and personality to their homes. Given the high specialisation of those magazines in design and decoration, they’re contributing to promote stone products and natural surfaces in kitchen and bathroom spaces.

International Award for North America

MCA SYSTEMS INC.The jury awarded the International Award for North America to MCA SYSTEMS INC. Natural stone’s distributor enterprise, property of Hermanos Fano, with headquarters in Houston (Texas), United States, for their trust in our Companies to execute majestic private mansions projects taking advantage of their professionalism, being evident in works as Bailey Project in Texas which highlights the flooring, placated, windows doors and arches moldings, the extensive cornice and the balustrade.

International Award for Latin America

TORRES ALRIO (ALRIO TOWERS) The jury awarded the International Award for Latin America to TORRES ALRIO building (Alrio Towers), built in Buenos Aires, Argentina, designed by Architecture Studio composed of Flora Manteola, Javier Sánchez Gómez, Josefina Santos, Justo Solsona, Sallaberry and Damian Carlos Mink. The building consists of two sets of five towers composed of 27 floors each, connected by bridges, made with 24,000 square meters of Silestone and Dekton used in kitchen surfaces, floors and facings bath, with an impressive design and drawing architectural. The building consists of homes, public areas and commercial shops. The public areas are a solarium, outdoor pool, indoor pool, locker rooms, spa, massage, fitness center, work zone and three micro cinemas. The project allows a unique synergy between all components of the building, combining work, relaxation and fun.

International Award for Asia

INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, J.S.C.The jury awarded the International Award for Asia to INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, JSC, represented by Mr. Alexander Khachanian, who firmly believes in the ability of companies in the region for the implementation of projects throughout Russia. Specialist in private homes, where using stone for the execution of tiling, cornices, windows and doors claddings, balustrades, high reliefs soffits on ceilings and windows, and other unique pieces carved, get a sober set and elegant. For the execution of his latest project, they have used 45 m3 Italian travertine, giving value to the concept of Macael as processing industry of natural stone regardless of the origin of it.

International Award for Africa

FOUR SEASONS 5* HOTELThe jury awarded the International Award for Africa to the FOUR SEASONS 5* HOTEL, located in Casablanca, Morocco, owned by the INVERAVANTE S.A. Company, a project of the Architecture Studio GA Design International, having worked our Companies with the executing project company MARPULIM SAELAU in the treatment of marble coatings with various materials such as White Macael, Black Marquina, Silestone, Dekton, Emperor and Travertinos, among others, using a total of over 17,000 square meters of marble, with a spectacular final result full of beauty and elegance.

International Award for Europe

MARTI & DEBA, S.L. The jury awarded the International Award for Europe, to the Company MARTI & DEBA, S.L., founded and directed by ÁNGEL MARTÍNEZ and FRANCISCO ÚBEDA specialized in integrated projects of high standing construction and decoration both nationally and internationally. In this case, our Companies have collaborated in the supply of materials, production and placement of natural stone in the renovation and maintenance project of the building NOVYI Kuchuk-KOY, in Crimea, Ukraine, being this Villa a jewel of Russian symbolism of early last century, considered a cultural monument.

Design Award

‘PARQUE COMERCIAL NEVADA’, (Nevada Shopping Center)The jury awarded the Design Award to ‘PARQUE COMERCIAL NEVADA’, (Nevada Shopping Center), located in Armilla, Granada, whose promoter is TOMAS OLIVO LOPEZ. It is one of the largest shopping centers in Spain, more than 200,000 square meters between the two floors and clad in natural stone of three centimeters thick, through the ventilated facade system. Its interior is paved in marble, combined with ‘Blanco Macael’ (Macael White) and ‘Verde Guatemala (Green Guatemala) and ‘Verde Real’ (Royal Green), achieving a modern and elegant building.

National Award

‘RAFA NADAL ACADEMY by MOVISTAR’The jury awarded the National Award to Sport center ‘RAFA NADAL ACADEMY by MOVISTAR’, located in Manacor, Mallorca, being the Architect / Designer DAVID IGLESIAS, and the promoter CENTRE SPORTIU MANACOR. For the construction of 24,000 square meters of floor area, it has been used over 40,000 square meters of Dekton, with a range of twelve different colors and Silestone used in over 130 showers and bathrooms surfaces and bushhammering granite in pools. It has a delicate care in architectural aesthetics, achieving a practical complex and, at the same time, elegant.



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