Macael Awards 2018 event

Macael Awards 2018 event

Macael Awards 2018 event, setting of the business cooperation, commitment and innovation of the Spanish Marble Industry


  • The Andalusian Marble Industry Association (AEMA) held on Friday, November 16, the thirty-second edition of the Macael Awards with the presence, among other personalities, of the Minister of Culture of the Government of Spain, Mr. José Guirao that along with Gabriel Amat, President of the Diputación de Almería, has collected the Institution Award, a joint prize for both Administrations.
  • The event, based, this edition, on the cinematographic idea of ​​the film ‘2001: A space odyssey’ has represented an ode about the development of humanity through the use of marble and has also been the scenario on which, the businessmen of the Macael Marble Region show, once again, that joint work makes them better and more competitive.


Macael, November 16, 2018.- The Spanish Marble Industry of Macael looks at the world and vice versa, and the Macael Awards, ratify it, once again. The XXXII edition of the Marble Awards event, held on Friday, November 16, has been  the best scenario to show that “internationalization is a fact in Macael, it is a challenge achieved by the companies of our industry that, once again, have been able to adapt to the demands of today and lay the foundations of tomorrow”, as pointed Antonio Sánchez, AEMA president, during the speech that closed an edition in which, over again, the innovation of companies has been evident and “the representatives of the most prestigious projects at national and international level, have been present”.

Among the more than 400 attendants, was the Minister of Culture of the Government of Spain, Mr. José Guirao, who together with Gabriel Amat, president of the Diputación de Almería, has collected the Institution Award, a joint prize for both Administrations, granted for the rehabilitation of the Provincial Hospital of Almeria that, with the financial support of the Ministry of Public Works of the Spanish Government, will become a high level cultural center, made in Macael Marbles.

This edition is also the fourth consecutive and the last of the current AEMA president, who, in September 2019, will finish his term. “We believe that we have complied,” said the CEO, ” the objective of giving prestige, promotion, recognition and value to all those people and institutions that have trusted in Macael and its companies, allowing our industry to be better and more competitive and achieving , in addition, that the Macael Brand be spread around the world.”


Design, art, culture, innovation, teamwork and productive capacity, basic ingredients of the Macael Awards night and the day-to-day of the Spanish marble industry “get into our companies through their projects – those of the awardees – and, being part of them, makes us better too, “said Sanchez, at the same time he congratulated the winners and thanked them for their trust in the companies and the Macael Marble Brand.

He mentioned all the event protagonists: Mr. José Guirao Cabrera, Minister of Culture of the Spanish Government and Mr. Gabriel Amat, President of the Diputación de Almería, who collected the Institution Awards; Mr. Tom Miller, NARI National Board Chair, who received the International Award for North America; Mr. Cayetano Martínez de Irujo, who collected the National Award, on behalf of the sculptor Mr. José Antonio Navarro Arteaga; Mr. Massimo Ballucchi, for the Communication Award granted to Ms. Cindy Allen, Editor-in-Chief of the American magazine Interior Design; Mr. Antonio Luis Jiménez, who collected the Award for the work in ‘Blanco Macael’; Mr. Jean Paul Zoghbi and Mr. Mohamad Kafel, members of Al Sharq Investment, as representatives of the International Award for Asia; Mrs. Alejandra Mignogna, from the Graciela Leanza’s studio, collecting the Design Award; D. Juan Di Filipo, architect who was in charge of receiving the International Award for Latin America; Ms. Mercedes Pomares, designer of the Debut Design Studio, collecting the International Award for Africa and, finally, Ms. Jana Becker, Studio manager, architect MSA/SAR, Chairman of the board in Equator Stockholm, who collected the International Award for Europe.

In addition to them, have been present, among many other personalities, the Delegate of the Government of Spain in Andalusia, Alfonso Rodríguez, the Employment, Business and Trade Counselor, Javier Carnero, the Development Counselor, Felipe López and the Agriculture counselor, Rodrigo Sánchez, as well as the participants of the IX International Meeting of the Stone, organized by Extenda-Andalusian Agency for Foreign Promotion and which, once again, coincided with the celebration of the Macael Awards. In this edition, the participants came from the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Germany, Kazakhstan and the United States.

The event was based on ​​the film ‘2001: A space odyssey’ and included a video mapping show in which integrated dancers and violins represented the development of the humanity through the use of marble. In addition, once the awards ceremony was over, the premiere of the audiovisual composition ‘Cantera de las estrellas’ (Quarry of the starts), a tribute to the Macael quarries, integrated by the photographic report of the photographers Carlos de Paz and Francisco Villegas, the symphonic poem by Juan Cruz Guevara, from Macael and the video format of José Jiménez. A selection of these images was displayed at the entrance of the building where the event was held, which was, again, broadcast ‘in streaming’. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube were and will showcase the best moments of the night. A night that is made possible thanks to its sponsors “who believe in us and in our future, making this event possible, at the same time as giving coverage and day-to-day service to our companies”. They are: COSENTINO, DIPUTACIÓN DE ALMERÍA, BANCO SANTANDER, TENAX, BRETON, SACMI, OMAR, CAIXA, CAJAMAR, WILLIS, ASHLAND, UNICAJA, COLOROBBIA, GMM, ITALDIAMANT, MASER, TYROLITY, COMANDULI, BANKIA, BANCA MARCH, DIAMANT BOART, FOCUS PIEDRA, OLUCARPA, SUIMASA, PUERTO DE ALMERÍA, FUNDACIÓN BAHÍA ALMERIPORT, AXA XL, TARGOBANK.