2021 Macael Awards gala. Innovation, reindustrialization, international marketing, know-how and competitiveness.

2021 Macael Awards gala. Innovation, reindustrialization, international marketing, know-how and competitiveness.

Innovation, reindustrialization, international marketing, know-how and competitiveness, 5 key concepts at the 2021 Macael Awards gala

If there is an essential appointment to demonstrate that joint work makes a sector better and more competitive, that appointment is the Macael Awards gala. In it, innovation, reindustrialization, international marketing, know-how, and competitiveness represent 5 key concepts under which “the field of architecture, design, interior design and construction, has trusted us and with which we must continue to bet on our future”. This was indicated by Jesús Posadas, president of the Andalusian Marble Industry Association, during the speech that closed an edition, held this Friday, November 12, which brought together on his stage the president of the Andalusian Government, Juanma Moreno, who has collected the Institution Award, and the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism of the Government of Spain, Reyes Maroto, who has been distinguished with a special mention.

Among the almost 450 guests, the gala was attended, in addition to the top-level award winners, the nearly twenty stone specifiers, among which were architects, designers, installers and construction professionals in general, from the United States and different countries in Europe, which have been part of the program that AEMA has carried out together with Extenda-Andalusia Exportation and Foreign Investment. This action has included a cultural-business event of the Macael Marble Brand, carried out within the framework of the Alhambra in Granada and the subsequent reverse trade mission in the Marble region. These clients and potential clients were also joined by eighteen members of the Latin American Chambers of Commerce of USA, CAMACOL.

This edition, “after suffering a devastating global health crisis, terrible both in the field of health and in the economic-financial field”, comes to restore optimism to the sector. And this is what the president wanted to convey, who has urged “to move forward, to look to the future with optimism to once again be the best transformation center for natural stone and compact surfaces in the world”. In order to protect the future of the stone, the stability of the companies and the maintenance and promotion of jobs, Posadas recalled that “the future must be linked to the determined support, commitment and investment of public administrations.” “The imminent creation of the Public Business Agency for the Transformation and Economic Development of Andalusia called ‘Andalucía TRADE’, should contribute in our sector, as a single window, to greater agility, simplification, efficiency and effectiveness in the economic transformation, the promotion of investments, internationalization, innovation, promotion of R + D + i, knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship”. For this reason, -he continued saying-, “I dare to publicly ask all the Andalusian parliamentary groups today for their unwavering support for this new entity. And to the Andalusian Government itself that, through this new agency and relying on the Strategy for the Internationalization of the Andalusian Economy 2021-2027, with the horizon set in the so-called third globalization, puts all these tools at the real service of companies as great engine for the recovery of the situation caused by Covid-19”.

Likewise, “the implementation of the Crece Industria 2022 Action Plan in Andalusia is not only a great opportunity, but an unavoidable obligation for businessmen and public administration, and must be the axis to promote the strengthening and growth of the chain industrial value of natural stone. We have the commitment of the General Secretariat of Industry and Mines, to be the first industrial value chain to implement this Action Plan”, he emphasizes.

Asimismo, la internacionalización y el posicionamiento de la Marca Macael, grandes pilares de su legislatura, también estuvieron presentes en sus premisas. “Con el fin de evitar la pérdida de oportunidades de negocio en un mercado tan globalizado como el actual, hemos solicitado a la administración, y confiamos en que se haga posible, poner a disposición de nuestras empresas créditos blandos para poder acceder a múltiples mercados y diversificar, así, el riesgo y garantizar su supervivencia y crecimiento”.

Also the internationalization and positioning of the Macael Marble Brand, which are great pillars of its legislature, were also present in its premises. “In order to avoid the loss of business opportunities in a market as globalized as the current one, we have asked the administration, and we trust that it will be possible, to make soft loans available to our companies to be able to access multiple markets and thus diversifying risk and guaranteeing its survival and growth”.

If there is one pillar on which this industry can sustain itself and grow, it is innovation. “Our business tissue is made up, for the most part, of SMEs that do not have the capacity to have their own R + D + i department. Therefore, it is vitally important to work on the real option of having various research groups from the different universities of Andalusia, -how far we are sometimes-, so that they fulfill this function of transmitting knowledge to society and companies, because without innovation we cannot move towards the future ”, the president of the businessmen has pointed out and he has not forgotten the need to resume the agreement, although it has already expired, for the reconstruction of the Patio de Los Vélez; the demands in education and training, such as the implementation of training cycles that cover both vocational training and higher degree education, using the dual methodology with companies; and of course, the objective for the year 2022: “to achieve an agreement and definitively solve all the discrepancies that arose years ago, in everything related to the interpretation of the contribution of financial guarantees for the mining areas affected in the Macael quarries. This would also entail solving in a sustainable and logical way, the suffocating problem that plagues us with the generation of what is erroneously called inert waste. “I publicly acknowledge the effort and work that for a year now they have been carrying out, both from the General Secretariat of Industry, and from the Territorial Delegation of Almería. We are closer than ever to reaching this long-awaited agreement so that it does not put an entire industry at risk and ultimately a region like ours”.

“I want to emphasize that, behind each and every one of these demands,” Posadas clarified, “there is a great business commitment, a sector that works intensely for the creation of stable and quality employment and for the well-being of this land and its workers, which are the greatest asset we have”. He did not lack words of congratulations for the protagonists of the night: Juanma Moreno, president of the Junta de Andalucía -Institution Award-, Ms. Concepción Parra Pardo, Provincial Director in Almería and Granada Central-East of the Department of External Relations of Mercadona and Ms. Josephine Cuadras, manager of Cuadraspania –Communication Award-, Mr. Jorge Tárrago Mingo, Architect and Construction Director of the Government Pavilion of the University of Malaga –Blanco Macael Award-, Ms. Laetitia Murguet, Project Designer –Design Award-, Mr. Pablo Salvador Lorenzo Martínez, Director of Investments and Purchasing of the Lopesan Group –National Award-, Mr. Glenn Edward Buttle, Leader of the Boogertman Technical Team –International Award for Africa -, Ms. Laura Molina, Art Director of Icaria Atelier, –International Award for Asia-, Mr. Carlos Manuel Barrantes Araya, President of EDICA Construction Company, –International Award for Latin America-, Mr. Robert Van Boxtel, consultant by Kaan Architecten, -International Award for Europe-, and Ms. Kindree Chescoe, owner and designer of the KLC KREATIV design studio, -International Award for North America-.

The occasion also served to value the invaluable help and collaboration of the sponsors. The president addressed them saying: “thank you, on behalf of the Andalusian Marble Industry Association, for continuing to show, year after year, your commitment to this sector. You have made an extra effort, beyond your role as suppliers, surpassing, surprisingly, the limitations in transport and shortages to help us move forward and overcome this difficult professional moment. More than ever, all this would not be possible without you”. This year’s gala has had the support of COSENTINO, EXTENDA, DIPUTACIÓN DE ALMERÍA, SMALGLASS-ITACA, SACMI, TENAX, OMAR COATINGS, CAJASUR, COLOROBBIA, CAJAMAR, UNICAJA BANCO, CAIXA BANK, SANTANDER, GMM, COMANDULLI, ITALDIAMANT, VINCENT, NICOLAI NEST, TURISMO DE ANDALUCÍA, BANKINTER, BBVA, SABADELL, SUIMASA, OLUCARPA, FOCUS PIEDRA, BRETON, BANCARMARCH y SMALTICERAM.